January 2009
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01:37 pm

(no subject)

05:40 pm

The Cranky is strong in me today...

06:19 am

I know it's late...but I wasn't here yesterday!

01:27 pm

Raven Clan -- Valkyrie

06:44 am

I finished the hat...

06:50 am

I started a scarf...

08:59 pm

Fascinating...OK, so maybe not. :)

08:11 pm

(no subject)

08:54 pm

(no subject)

09:43 am

Yarnie ramblings...

09:02 pm

A tale of two scarves...

07:20 am

Happy Birthday!

08:16 pm

Morris: A Life With Bells On

11:51 pm

scarf update...



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