OK, so I love the new 'puters, but I hate configuring them. It's such a PITA. It also turns out that the laptop is 64-bit while the desktop is 32-bit, which means that some of my software won't work. FUCK! Sigh, well I know (or can find) some work-arounds, but why can't this stuff just be easy?

But the kicker was when I went to try to print this morning. I thought the printer was configured properly, but apparently not. I was on the phone with a lovely woman in the Philippines trying to get my router to work with (a) the desktop, (b) the laptop and (c) the printer when we were confronted with the unescapable fact that my modem is teh suck. Mind you, I've thought that for the past two years, but every time I called tech support they told me it couldn't POSSIBLY be the modem, it must be everything else under the sun except for that crappy-ass modem. uhuh.

So then I was off to spend 4 hour trying to get someone at my ISP to actually listen to me. Actually I got two techs to listen to me, and they even agreed with me. However, that minor victory was interspersed with two dimwits who didn't actually read the file and tried to tell me that all the diagnostic work we'd done wasn't enough and I had to do the same things over again before we could "escalate." The bastards.

Finally I managed to get them to agree that yes, I needed a new modem. But even that wasn't easy...there was still the actual attempt to GET the modem. It seems I can't just buy a modem and configure it. Oh, no. I have to go through the ISP and get their modem (why, no one can -- or will -- explain) and use it. So I argued with the customer service person for a while. ugh. I am getting one of their modems, but not the one that I've had. And if I have ANY problems once I get that sucker installed, I will be calling a manager and ripping that manager a new asshole. I have names, I have case numbers and they are not fucking with me anymore.

Yes, the cranky is strong.


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