But I'm not happy with it. It's the same pattern as my beret, but THIS time I followed the pattern and it just doesn't look as good as the first one. Apparently I have a freakishly large head or something and it's too tight. This is supposed to be a loose fitting beret. *sigh*

It's blocking, so no pictures right now.

But I DID have a success. I made a pair of gloves in the same yarn. Raven Clan, Valkyrie colorway. And this is my very own pattern. :) Leaf cluster stitch (sc, 2 dc), worked horizontally, then seamed up the thumb side. I even worked some short rows for fit... and I worked a few rows of sc around the thumb. Here are a couple of pictures. The stitch pattern photo is too blurry. Maybe not enough light.

They're blocking too. I hope to wear them tomorrow. :)
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( Jan. 20th, 2009 06:50 am)
This is a pattern from Interweave Crochet in 2007. Boteh scarf -- since the motif looks a little like a paisley leaf. Pagewood Farms Chugiak sock yarn -- 100% merino superwash -- the colorway is Ireland. I'm on the sixth motif of 16 (or so). I've had to do some frogging. The pattern is simple once you've *got* it, but it took me a few tries. :)

The pictures are from when I'd finished the second motif...the second time.

I'm thinking of giving this one to El. Her birthday is March 17.


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