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( Jan. 23rd, 2009 08:11 pm)
Among the reasons I think that I started to crochet again is that I'm a texture junkie. The first project I made, I used an acrylic yarn that was Eco...i.e., it was, in part, made with recycled soda bottles. That appealed to my eco-sensibilities. But when I was working WITH it, it just completely turned me off. For me, the feel was just plain NASTY. So I ditched that yarn and found other textures to work with.

I'm getting ready to finish the Boteh scarf. It's made with a sock weight 100% merino wool. There was only one skein of the colorway, which theoretically should have been enough. But El, like me, is NOT a small girl. And scarves that are meant to be twined casually around the neck a few times and then tied are never long enough for bigger girls, and we often end up looking like sausages. Not such a fun look. So I'm making the scarf about 10-12 inches longer than the norm. And that means a lot more yarn. So now I'm almost out of the greeny Ireland yarn.

Not to worry...I figure I'll do the edging in a coordinating yarn, which entailed going to the LYS. Naturally. I wandered about, petting yarn and looking for something that wouldn't clash violently. And I ended up with a fingering weight creamy ivory yarn spun from baby alpaca and silk. Yup, it doesn't get much softer than that. I buried my face into the skein and fell utterly in love.

Texture junkie all the way.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2009 08:54 pm)
Maybe trying to crochet while reading LJ isn't the smartest thing I could be doing. :) I found that I've done six rows without the appropriate decrease every other row. *facepalm*


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