If your cat is laying on top of your clothes or in *your* spot, do not try to pick them up and move them. Instead, hug them and give kisses. They will move away at the speed of light, allowing you to grab your clothes or sit in your spot.

I managed to finish the Ireland Boteh late last night. I've even managed to take pictures of both scarves. I need to find a better way of taking these pictures. A model or something...

Anyway, here they are.

Ireland Boteh -- Pagewood Farms Chugiak Sock Yarn (100% merino). Colorway, Ireland. Edging done in Bristol Yarn Galley Buckingham (baby alpaca/silk) in creme.

Noro Boteh -- Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn (wool/silk/nylon/mohair). Colorway S84 (pink/green/orange).



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