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( Feb. 10th, 2009 06:21 pm)
The meeting went off, if not without a hitch, at least without a body count.

Trust me, I considered offing the boss-man at least once because that man can't shut up. He talked for a good 20 minutes straight, then kept trying to interject when I was supposed to be talking. I reined him back onto topic once. Go me!

The autism talk went OK. There were several people who came up and thanked me for the information and were able to identify and understand some behaviors in their students as a result. I'm not sure I can ask for anything more. I also got a couple of compliments when people (including a retired principal who now drives for us) said it was obvious that I had done my research. Again, go me!

I started another project. This is my first involving individual motifs. I'm crocheting a bunch of little six-petalled flowers and linking them together. A moebius cowl is the plan. We'll see. I'm making it out of Malabrigo sock yarn. I am TOTALLY in LOVE with this stuff. Baby merino is SO VERY soft. It's da bomb! The colorway is Stonechat, with red/brown/olive. It's working for me.

Because I'm a yarn ho with eyes bigger than my hands (that sounded better in my head...), I also picked up some new yarn today...for my cunning plot to make a dragon shawl. I have the pattern, and I now have the yarn. The stuff is from Aruacania, a new line called Itata. Sock yarn make with superwash wool, silk and bamboo. They call the colorway Denim Green, but it's richer blues with a hint of green. Purty stuff and quite nice to touch. But I'm not sure it's better than Malabrigo.


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