I'm learning a new technique. Broomstick lace...it's pretty cool, and not terribly difficult just awkward because you're juggling the hook, the yarn and a very big knitting needle (or broomstick or pool cue or pvc pipe, whatever). But not only am I trying to work out the awkwardness of a new technique, but I'm doing it in the round, which most people say can't be done.

We shall see how it goes. Or if it drives me further round the bend. :)

But Malabrigo. SWEET!
It probably would have been more logical to learn how to make broomstick lace with (a) worsted or chunky weight yarn; (b) a bigger hook and (c) working flat instead of in the round. All of these things (or even two out of the three) would have made learning the technique just a bit less fiddly.

Yeah, but where would the fun be? I'm doing it in fingering weight (Malabrigo sock yarn) with a 5mm hook and making a cowl in the round.

And for all that, the project isn't a fail. I'm about halfway through the cowl, designing on the fly and I'm not dissatisfied with the result so far. Pictures will be posted sometime soon.

Oh, and I got some laceweight Malabrigo today. Now THAT'S scary. :)


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