I'm making a moebius cowl using motifs. The motifs themselves are dead simple, individual six-petalled flowers. However, as you crochet, you link them up as you make them and HOW they line up is important. So I've already had to rip out and cut out several flowers and thought I had the first row complete and set. Then I had the craziness of trying to line up row 2. I thought I'd gotten it all sorted out when it turns out that I've got two flowers in row ONE that are completely bollixed up and now I have to cut them out and try again.


I'm hoping this will all be worth it.

Here's a picture of what it's supposed to look like when the stars align and everything goes right... Sadly, this is NOT my work. :)

I cut out two motifs and did two new ones with the correct linkages. I even added a third new motif. I even drew a little diagram on the back of the pattern so I can lay each segment out to make sure I'm orienting it correctly.

I still expect something to go wrong though. The Gods of crochet are laughing at me. :)