My cats apparently love bouncing on the rebounder. None of them are particularly fond of being held, but if I pick one of them up, step on the rebounder and bounce GENTLY for a few minutes, they start to purr and get that far far away look in their eyes. Then, when I put them down, they must Run Very Fast(tm) through the house. And if I get on the rebounder and get off without picking at least one of them up, I get a talking to. Or if I lay on my back and bounce to help my hips, Usna will leap onto my belly and sprawl there. And purr.

Usna, in particular, loves the rebounder, even without me bouncing him. It's an assault weapon...he'll run across the room, leap onto the rebounder and leap up onto the chair. Or he'll lay on it and attack anyone who walks under it.

Very weird animals.


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