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( Mar. 1st, 2009 03:56 pm)
Woke up with a headache bordering on migraine. I had to do laundry...something about no undies, but then went back to bed. All was going according to plan until a little after 12pm when Usna started to cry. He's been acting a little off since sometime yesterday (restless, excessive licking) and heseemed to be hunched over and in pain. I had a look at his tail and his little butt was all red and swollen. I called the emergency vet, threw on some clothes, tossed him into a cat carrier and drove to the vet.

Apparently he had perianal dermatitis compounded by full anal glands and slight diarrhea. Nothing life threatening, but really, really uncomfortable. They shaved his butt, expressed the glands (he did NOT enjoy that in the least), put him in an Elizabeth collar and gave me some antibiotics and suggested I put Desitin on his butt. My bouncing baby bundle of cat joy has diaper rash. I can't really help but ROFL.

The Elizabeth collar lasted the trip home and maybe about 25 minutes after that. Then he figured out how to get it off. I'm not even going to try to put it back on...I'm not even sure I COULD get it back on. Not without backup anyway.

He's not talking to me right now anyway.

Head still achey, but a little bit better.


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