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( Mar. 8th, 2009 09:10 am)
This morning I decided to learn a different way of cabling -- without using the cable needle. I know that these gloves are my first cabling project, but really, I find the cable needle to be incredibly awkward and a real PITA, particularly when working with a magic loop...I dropped the final purl stitch on the needle a bunch of times while I was trying to wrangle the cable needle because I *forgot* to pull the left needle through and that little bastard was slippery. So I Google "cabling without a cable needle" and find a bunch of different methods; I tried a couple and found one that I'm pretty comfortable with.

YAY! No more wrangling a cable needle unless I REALLY want to. Which I probably won't. :)
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( Mar. 8th, 2009 09:17 am)
Have I ever mentioned just HOW much I hate the time changeover? It totally fucks with me for about 3-6 weeks. And now that Congress in its infinite stupidity has changed the DATES that the changeover happens I'm really fucked.


That is all.
I have learned several new techniques, including magic loop, knitting on double pointed needles, cables, cabling without a cable needle, cable cast on and picot bind off. Woof. Making the gloves confirmed that I really do prefer knitted gloves to crocheted gloves. They're more elastic and conform to the hand better. So I see gloves in my future. :)

I tried to take a picture wearing one of them, even though they're really too small for me, but it just didn't work. So here are the flat photos. The first one was taken BEFORE I worked the thumbs.

Thumbs? We don't need no stinkin' thumbs...

And here's the really final pair. The cables came out differently between the two. I can't decide if it's a function of the left twist vs. right twist or if it's something I did. I did the last cable round with a cable needle just to check -- but the left twisting cables seem flatter and broader while the right twisting cables are more bouncy and compact. But even with the cable needle, there was a difference. I don't understand it, unless maybe I was just knitting tighter on the second glove (although they did come out to the same dimensions). Which is possible. I have a tendency to knit and crochet pretty tight.

But I still think they look pretty cool.



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