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( Mar. 11th, 2009 07:07 pm)
I was driving to work this morning on 94W. I was up around 49th/53rd Ave exit when I saw a large bird circling. I thought "it's too big to be a raven, too big to be a hawk and the wing span/shape is wrong for a vulture." Then it banked and I saw the white tail and knew it was a bald eagle.

About 7 minutes later I merged into the right lane by 81 so I could exit at Boone Ave. The pickup that had been following me pulled level with me and the driver, a guy with a goatee, looked at me, smiled, wiggled his eyebrows and pulled forward. I then saw the license plate of the metallic green pickup and had to laugh..it was MAN 395.

I now know two things, Pan is awake and Spring is coming.


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