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( Mar. 15th, 2009 03:41 pm)
I may survive. I'm still all congested and coughing, but I actually HAVE a voice...and it mostly sounds like me.

I love ravelry.com. I was futzing around on it surfing patterns yesterday when I discovered a pattern for "Owlings." I recently made my mother a pair of Fetchings (fingerless gloves)...well there's an owl cable running around and someone adapted the Fetching pattern using the owl cable. LOVE it! So OF COURSE I had to cast on a pair. I'm using Lanaloft Worsted, and the colorway is Twilight, so I'm calling them Twilight Owlings. I just started today and have just finished the first set of owls, but I took pics.

Here's the wrist of Glove #1...

And here's Usna hunting the birdie...

The owl cabling doesn't show up as well as it could because the yarn is variegated, but I'll be adding some beady little eyes when I'm done. :)


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