I managed to get my LJ archives to upload. I have no idea why it was failing before and today it was a breeze.

In other news, Odhinn tried to strangle himself yesterday. Luckily, it wasn't successful. He somehow managed to find and grab one of my hibernating yarn projects and run with it. However, he tangled himself up in the yarn -- including a stranglehold around his neck -- and THEN caught the yarn cake behind the leg of the swan bench and hid himself under the bed. If I hadn't gotten up to do something and seen the yarn where it shouldn't be and dragged him out, I'm not sure what would have happened, because the boy was seriously freaking out.


He's suffering no ill effects from his yarn strangulation. Probably hasn't gained mastery of the runes yet either. :)
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( May. 24th, 2009 07:56 pm)
I was looking for a workout buddy to help keep me on track with my current quest for fitness. But nothing has really panned out. So I'm going to use my journal to help keep me...honest? No, that isn't quite the word. Accountable? Again, not quite the word. But for now, they'll do.

So far I am still managing (one day at a time) to go to the gym and do water aerobics and/or swimming/kicking six days a week. The Y is closed tomorrow to observe Memorial Day, and so I got up and went there at 7:45 this morning and did 15 laps with a kickboard, 4 laps of breaststroke and some deep water jogging/aerobics stuff.

I also incorporated some modfied Tabata-style "sprint" drills. I first learned about Tabata Sprints from a health/nutrition blog called Mark's Daily Apple -- if you're curious, here's the link where he describes the sprints http://www.marksdailyapple.com/what-are-tabata-sprints/. Basically, you go all out for 20 seconds, then "rest" for ten seconds, and lather, rinse, repeat for 8 times without stopping, a total of four minutes. This can be running, squats, whatever. So I tried deep water running -- and did 10 second sprints followed by 10 seconds slow jogging -- six intervals. I'm working my way up to full Tabata Sprints. It's pretty taxing, even the very modified form I did for TWO minutes...I was sucking some serious wind when I finished up.

Tomorrow is my day off. :)

I also made it my New Moon vow to work on the "one day at a time" fitness quest.


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