Over the weekend I learned that if a window is reasonably loose in the casement, Usna can open it as long as he can work his paw under it. Once he gets a paw in there, he wiggles and maneuvers until there's an opening big enough to get his head into and it's all over. If he had thumbs, he really might rule the world.

Today I learned that kicking laps on your back feels different and apparently works somewhat different muscles than kicking on your front. Kinda cool, huh?

I learned that I prefer doing kicking laps with a water noodle as opposed to a kickboard -- it's more poseable for doing side kicks and/or back kicking. Good to know.

I learned that some doctors can be idiots when it comes to talking with their patients. One of the women in my class told me that her orthopedist told her she'd never lose weight with water aerobics. Huh. Way to encourage your patient, doc! Granted, in many ways he's right. But he really could have phrased it better. Most people who've done the diet/exercise thing know that much of weight loss comes from changing diet. Exercise can help, but he's right that it won't cause weight loss by itself without the diet change. What exercise CAN do, among other things, is make movement easier, lower blood pressure, lower stress, lower blood sugar -- as well as increasing the body's ability to use insulin -- increase lung capacity, help with sleep issues, help to reshape your body as you lose weight because of dietary changes.
Once again incorporated some modified Tabata sprints in the pool today after doing some kicking laps for warm up. I "ran" full out with fins for 15 seconds and then did slow "jogging" for 10 seconds. I did somewhere between 6 and 8 cycles of 15/10...because I was more involved in doing them than counting them. I know I counted up to 5 sets and I know I did MORE than five sets, but I'm not sure how many more. Once again, I was sucking some serious wind when I finished and I raised my body temp as well -- pretty impressive, considering I was IN THE POOL. And my body temp stayed elevated for a little while too.

I think this will be a worthy thing to add to the overall regimen.


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