June 2009
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04:26 pm

If you like Patricia Briggs' books...

08:21 pm


05:32 pm

When you see the crazy coming, beat it with a stick!

09:23 am

I've been considering a Kindle...

10:03 am

Totally stolen from bellacrow.

10:10 am

Improv Everywhere...No Pants Subway 2K9

07:32 am

(no subject)

09:56 pm

(no subject)

09:11 am

(no subject)

05:33 pm

Today was not such a good day...

08:17 pm

Things are a bit less bad after dinner... :-)

09:48 pm

Why, oh why do car salesmen feel the need to put the smooth on?

07:11 am

So I was watching some older Daily News episodes...

10:24 pm

I have achieved a new (to me) car...

07:09 am


07:23 am

(no subject)

10:21 pm

Kinda freaky -- two icons of my youth are dead.

10:58 am

Finished my first lace project yesterday...

09:08 pm

I LOVE my grill!

08:52 pm

Random thoughts...

09:03 pm

Note to self...



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