I didn't sleep so well the last couple of nights. So this morning, I decided NOT to swim any laps before doing my water aerobics. I DID do 8 rounds of Tabata sprints.

However, I found my sneaky brain trying to tell me that I was being "lazy" for not doing laps in addition to the regular workout.

It took me a few minutes to realize what my brain was saying. And then it took me a few more minutes to stomp on it and beat it into submission. I'm not absolutely certain that I'm over that little incident. However, I did a good workout today and was in no way lazy.

My goal is to take this one day at a time and work to become fit and healthy. It ISN'T to burn myself out by pushing too hard and either injuring myself or going further around the bend than I already am.

So for today, willowoak 1 sneaky brain 0.


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