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( Jun. 8th, 2009 07:32 am)
This morning I ruthlessly frogged my disappointing cloche-like hat back to the crown. I realized that in my zeal not to make the crown too big, I didn't make it big enough...which has a definite effect on the shaping.

Notes to self for the mods...add two more rounds of increases. Then do a round of sc in the back loop to define the edge between the crown and the band. THEN start the pattern stitch rounds. :-) Three rounds of pattern stitch (not four), three rounds sc in the back loop, three rounds pattern stitch, three rounds sc in the back loop, then one round sc in the front loop (to define the edge between the band and brim), then three rows of pattern stitch and final row of sc edging per the pattern.

We'll see if that takes care of my issues.

Sorry, all. That's crochet geek talk. :)


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