Telling me to be sure to stay under the overhang because the rain might melt sugar. Yeah. Hmmm. Whatever.

So I went to test drive a 2004 Ford Escape this evening. Really liked it. The price is fairly reasonable...but could be lower. But (a) the sales dude tried to put the smooth on (which I hate) and (b) tried the high pressure tactics. He thought he had a sure sale.

However, this girl hadn't eaten for a LONG time and wasn't having it. I thanked them for their time and walked out. I still like the car, though, so I'll go in tomorrow and make an offer. We'll see how it goes. I can still walk away. :)

I'm still dreaming of the Toyota Highlander I saw briefly over the weekend. It was pimp gold -- so bad and wrong. And FUNNY! However, I wasn't sure how much money I could spend then, and it's gone now. *sigh*


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