So there I am, working away at my first lace project. I've done the math, I've even calculated correctly -- which, given my problems with all things math, is pretty cool -- and I'm four rounds into the lace pattern, when I suddenly realize that I'm doing the yarn overs incorrectly and they're not giving me the nice holes that make it "lace."

OK, so I can frog back, right? Well, I've got 160 stitches on the needle. So that's not really a good option. I try to insert a lifeline (long cable needle)...and I work my way around and then frog back. Except, I appear to have shifted rounds somewhere along the line.

In the end I decided to just frog the whole thing and start over. Vastly irritating, but ultimately less stress for me.

Note to self, insert lifeline just BEFORE starting lace pattern. Then, when you fuck up, it's already there and you don't have to frog the whole damn project.

On the plus side, using markers for each separate lace repeat really helped to keep track of where I was.

So...two useful tips for the day. Lifeline and stitch markers. :)


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