Yes, it IS true!

I hate Noro because they'll just whack a knotted color change in anywhere, regardless of where you are in the change. Bastards!

I hate Noro because some of the thick sections just aren't that well plied and the yarn'll shred apart at the worst possible moment and in the worst possible way -- I was finishing up a hat, thinking I'd escaped this curse. I was all smug and happy because I'd figured out how to fix the decrease problem without frogging the whole thing back several rounds...and I'm down to the last set of decreases before the i-cord when the yarn shreds apart leaving me with 1 1/2 inches of working yarn. This is a cotton/silk/wool blend, but not enough wool to felt. Yeah, so I've got this stitch and the i-cord to work with "new" yarn. VERY, very frustrating.

On the other hand...I love Noro because, well...



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