And no, I don't mean the cobwebby, fragile stuff. I'm knitting lace in sport, worsted and chunky weight fibers. Hefty and yet girly too. :)

I'm making Yule gifts. Finished the first one today...

It's a neckwarmer done in cables and leaf lace. It's a worsted weight superwash merino with nylon from Crystal Palace (Mochi Plus) in the Autumn Rainbow colorway. The colors are so rich IRL.

And then I immediately cast on the next lace project. I'm adapting the pattern for the red hat (and the pink/brown Noro hat) that I made into a cowl. This one is also a Yule gift...done in the Mochi Plus in the Violets Rainbow colorway. It's a fast knit; I'm already a little more than half done. Variations of this may show up for several people. Hey! It's lace and it's leaves...what else can you ask for? :)

So 1.5 gifts down. Many to go. I made a of it are just a name with some possible yarn choices. But I have a list, ergo I am organized.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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