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( Jul. 17th, 2009 08:10 am)
I finished the leafy cowl on Wednesday. I'm loving it.

I started a new project right away, because let's face it, I'm obsessed. I had a few issues with the cable rounds and frogged it back. I also realized that even though I was doubling up two worsted yarns for a chunky weight, that 80 stitches would not be big enough for the person this is being made for. So I went to 88, only to remember when I got to the first cable crossing that I really needed an even number of pattern repeats for this thing to work properly. Frogged AGAIN. Foiled by the math!

So I thought I'd try a different pattern, you know...take a break so I can approach this one fresh when I go back. HAH! The Knitting Gods also have a sense of humor and I am Their plaything. I'm working this new, different pattern from a chart. Now I am fairly new to charts, but there's a key and the author writes that you should be working from top to bottom -- so from row 20 to row 1, and from right to left. And yes, I may suck at math but I do know my right from my left. So I'm following the stitch pattern on the chart as suggested by the author, but my work isn't looking like the chart or the picture. It could be me...or it could be a pattern problem. I just don't know at this point. So I put the project down for a while.

I got home last night and my wooden straight needles had arrived from KnitPicks. I love their wooden needles because they're so pointy and stabbity -- much easier to catch the yarn than my bamboo needles. So I decided to make a dishcloth. Small project, relaxing. It's also a lace pattern, so I'm learning something. OK, I can read THIS pattern in the knitting itself. I can also see the four rows where I miscounted and I'm off by one stitch. This is a dishcloth and I can't care enough to rip it back and re-do it, but I see the mistake and I can see how to avoid it. Lesson learned.


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