I'm taking a knitting class which requires the knitting of a bajillion little swatches. Not my favorite pastime in any event. But I have to do it in a light colored worsted so that the stitches can be seen.

I didn't HAVE any light colored worsted since my taste runs to the deeper tones, so I went to Joann's and picked up a cream color in the Wool Ease because it was on sale.

If I never knit with the damn stuff again, it'll be too soon. It split almost every time I went to knit a stitch. And with a bajillion swatches, you know there were a lot of stitches.

I've finished the swatches. Finally.

Buggery fuck.
I can't believe that this simple pattern had me tearing my hair out! I frogged the damn thing two times...and probably should have frogged back the last repeat. Somehow I kept ending up with 9 or 11 stitches in several of the lace sections instead of the necessary 10, despite ferocious counting. Obviously I am innumerate.

I didn't frog it back, I just fudged my way through it. Even going up two needle sizes didn't save this from being a bit too tight for the intended recipient. If I make this pattern again, I'm definitely adding an additional section. So I'm going to revise my list. :)

It's being modeled by Usna, who is none too happy with me here.

And here's a picture of Odhinn, just because I can't resist...it's just so typical of my little boy cat.

I cast on another lace project this afternoon which so far is going MUCH more smoothly...although I may need to get another skein of the yarn. sigh.


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