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( Aug. 8th, 2009 08:43 pm)
I took two sock knitting seminars today. Wendy Johnson is in Mpls this weekend and she was doing two Toe Up Sock seminars at a local yarn shop...Toes and Heels. Now, I've never knit a sock. But after the seminars, I find the process significantly less intimidating than I did before. I learned four ways to cast on for toe-ups (in less than three hours) and, after lunch, three ways to do heel gussets (again, in less than three hours).

I learned Judy's Magic Cast On, which totally rocks; Easy Toe Cast On, which rocks, but not as much as Judy's; Turkish Cast On, which is OK; and the Figure 8 Cast On, which doesn't rock.

I learned how to wrap and turn, along with a really neat short row heel -- and the w&t and short rows will be useful for all kinds of shaping options. I also learned a slip stitch heel which pretty much rocked as well.

I learned how to work with two circulars -- and taught a couple of people how to do magic loop.

I learned many things and had a lot of fun. But my brain is on overload right about now. :)

I may try a sock soon.


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