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( Aug. 16th, 2009 01:58 pm)
I just finished the increases for the heel gusset and will begin turning the heel after a short break. I'm using one of the lifted increases -- from knittinghelp.com (KRL, KLL) and Cat Bordhi (La-rink & La-link). Basically, you lift one leg of the stitch below the live stitch on your needle and knit into it...if you want it to lean to the left, you knit into the right leg of the next stitch on the left needle and if you want it to lean right, you knit the stitch and then left the second stitch down on the right needle. It's pretty close to invisible and the lovely increases look professional.

Pictures will follow...
I've now finished the heel and am working on the leg...

Here's a photo of the sole of the foot when the gusset increases were finished...

And here's the sock after the heel is finished. I notice there's a small hole right where the front and back are rejoined. I picked up a stitch or two. I probably should have picked up another one. But not bad for a first time. It's all a learning experience, no? :)



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