They seem to be taking FOREVER. Part of it is that each one is growing slowly (I know, I'm doing two of them, so the project IS moving, it just doesn't always seem like it). But I think it's also because this pattern is pretty much stockinette stitch until you get to the leg. The only exciting features are the increases. So it's been round after endless round of just plain knitting.

But I'm at the heel turn now. I just finished the first part of the heel turn on sock #1, and am about to work on sock #2.

I'm working with Ella Rae lace merino. The label didn't say handpaint, but apparently it is. I bought two skeins -- same colorway and same dyelot -- and on the skein, they looked alike...same color values. However when wound into a ball and more importantly, when knitted up, they look VERY different. I'll get a picture to post a bit later.

Luckily, I'm not so into matchy-matchy. The normal way to deal with this type of thing is to do a couple of rows off one skein and then a couple of rows off another. Yeah. That won't work quite so easily when doing two socks with two skeins. :)


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