Considering that school doesn't start for our district until next Tuesday, it's been an amazingly difficult and stressful week. This evening as I left work, I hit the wall and broke out in passive aggressiveness. I've had a crazy and frustrating day.

The last person to leave shuts the south gate, half of which slides and the other half of which swings. The first person in opens the gate. The shop guy who comes in REALLY early opens this gate, and has adopted a Very Bad Habit of weaving the cable that holds open the swinging half through the gate and securing it in such a way that makes it difficult to unhook when you're shutting the gate. This is HIS passive aggressive action. I know that all the other shop guys have spoken with him and told him not to do it. I've spoken with him and asked him not to do it -- when I spoke with him, he ranted about how the people who close the gate toss the cable on the ground. Duh! It's a CABLE. It's only needed to keep the gate from swinging shut, it's not a crucial piece of equipment. However, I said that when I close the gate, I'll try not to just toss the cable. Fine. And I've done that.

This afternoon, I discovered that this guy had once again woven the cable so tightly I had difficulty getting it unhooked. And I was just fuckin' done. After I managed to get the cable untangled and close the gate, I went back and WOVE that cable through three separate sections of the fence. I made it fiendishly difficult to figure out where the cable is lying and then I hooked it. Do not play passive aggressive games with me, I can up the ante and I'm way more creative than you are. Trust me on that.

Yeah, it wasn't nice. But I'm having a hard time caring at this point.


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