Two at a time, toe up socks. Woo Hoo! They seemed to take forever but when I bound off, I actually had TWO completed socks. :) The pattern is called Biological Clock Socks, and it's an obscure visual pun for costuming and biology geeks. Clocking on stockings/socks is a way to introduce shaping on the calf, and the pattern stitch is a DNA spiral -- hence biological clock. Yup, HAD to make 'em, because I'm such a geek. ;-)

I can't get a good close up of the DNA spiral, and it doesn't show up so well in the variegated yarn. *Sigh*

I also added a new stretchy bind off to my bag o' tricks, the yarn over bind off. I picked it up from Chrissy Gardiner's new book and she learned it from Eunny Jang. When you're ready to bind off: knit 1, yarn over, knit one, insert the tip of the LH needle under the yo and the farthest right knit stitch on the RH needle and pass them over the nearest knit stitch. You're left with one knit stitch, yo, knit 1. Lather, rinse, repeat. I actually found it easiest to use a really small gauge crochet hook as my right hand needle and just pulled the second knit stitch through the yo and first knit stitch. The end result looks a bit like crochet edging and is slightly decorative, but not frilly -- and it's nicely stretchy. I like having options. :)


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