Usna has lived with me for three years. He's been in the bedroom countless times and slept on the bed since after the first week.

Suddenly, within the last week, he's decided the stalk and kill the lamp pull and will leap straight up off the bed to grab at it. This is pretty impressive, because it's a matter of some four feet and Usna, to put it delicately, is NOT aerodynamically designed. He's mostly Maine Coon and is some 17 pounds. Not fat, but definitely LARGE. However, the last two mornings, he's tried to kill the lamp pull in the wee hours of the morning and landed squarely on my feet. Ummmm, ouch?!

I blame the flies. I appear to have the REALLY stupid, inbred flies in my house. Really. The Earl Bobs of the fly world. They will land on me and stay there, not moving. Usna and Odhinn have been hunting them down and catching them fairly easily. Of course, there are always more flies. But I think in Usna's little catty brain the lamp pull is hanging there, like a fly, and therefore is fair game. Of course he can't actually catch the sucker, so he's doomed to disappointment...and I am apparently doomed to being startled awake by a cannonball on my feet.


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