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( Sep. 18th, 2009 11:23 pm)
Earlier this week, I cast on a shawl. It was going pretty quickly, but then weird errors started cropping up. Mistakes that I'm not even sure how I managed them, particularly since I was counting as I was knitting each section. But I forged ahead, because each of the errors was relatively minor and salvageable.

But then, today, I hit the last error. Critical mass was achieved in my brain. Probably no one would have noticed it, but it was an error that I just couldn't live with, particularly since this was intended as a gift. And so, I frogged the whole thing.

My theory of frogging is that IF I've achieved that critical mass and it's time to frog a project, it's far less stressful FOR ME to just rip out the whole thing and start fresh than try to rip back to a specific spot and pick everything up. Other people will have a different experience, but this is mine.

And so, the yarn is hibernating and I've started on a different project to give myself a break. I do intend to make that particular shawl again after I've had a little break.


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