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( Jun. 11th, 2009 09:11 am)
Just in case someone couldn't sleep wondering how I was going to marinate the chicken, I decided to split the pack and half are marinating with Rogan Josh and the other half are marinating with Vindaloo spices. I was going to use a curry blend, but couldn't find it and I COULD find the vindaloo. :) Yay, spicy chicken!
It appears that my car, Freyja, will soon be history. Last night on my way home, the temp gauge shot up and the coolant essentially evaporated. I filled the reservoir, and limped the car home, but this morning, it was all gone again. There's no puddle, no smell of coolant, no obvious leakage -- just no coolant where there SHOULD be. It seems likely that Freyja has blown a head gasket...and with a car of this age, while not unexpected, it's something that usually means the end is nigh.

So I'll be looking for a new to me car in the near future. My boss is generously allowing me to use one of the vans to get to and from work for a little while.

While running out the door this morning, I also managed to lose a 16g flash drive that had a lot of personal documents on it. I don't think that anything on it was irreplaceable, but it had stuff that I REALLY wanted all in one place. Well it IS all in one place, just not with me.

I also thoughts that one of my favorite earrings was done for. The amber disk disappeared out of its setting and I couldn't find it after retracing some of my steps. However, while cleaning up for the day, I found the amber totally undamaged. I can fix it, I have the technology.

None of this is tragic, just damned irritating and extremely inconvenient.
I grilled my chicken...the Rogan Josh was quite nice...although I charred it a fair bit through having the coals a bit too hot, but the Vindaloo spiced chicken was fantabulous! Crispy, spicy and chicken-y. Definitely something to repeat.

And then after I ate and relaxed a bit, I methodically took everything out of my bag instead of just rifling through the pockets. And under several forks, I found the flash drive hiding out. So it's no longer wandering about with my files and they are safely in one place, and more importantly, it's MY place.

So the car is still problematic, but the other stuff that was piling up has dissipated. And I knew it was just a matter of time before the car would have to be replaced. After all, she's at almost 200K miles and I've had her for just shy of nine years...and I put about 100K of those miles on her. I should be so lucky to find another car as good. :)


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