I haven't slept...except for a brief nap during last night's vigil. Do I lay down and try to sleep. Oh, no. I decide to cast on for a new beret. Well, yeah, I DO need a hat.

But this particular beret is done in fingering weight yarn with a lace brim. Ummm, my experience tells me I shouldn't try to attempt lace in a sleep deprived state.

I laughed at my experience and wisdom and cast on anyway. 170 stitches. I double and triple counted them, and I used stitch markers every 10 stitches (because the lace repeat is 10 stitches). I even ended up with 170 stitches. See, I'm paying attention. :) So off I go, knitting away. 3 rounds in garter stitch and then started the lace. I was in the third round of the repeat when I thought..."I should stop." I ignored myself and plowed on. Three repeats into the fourth round, I didn't catch a stitch properly and it promptly laddered down to the cast on. I couldn't even see it to try to pick it up and re-weave it. Although I tried. Granted, I'm a bit cross-eyed anyway from lack of sleep.

But after ten minutes of futzing around with it and only finding ladders...not even the hint of a loop, I said fuck it. Into the frog pond with you!

Ah well, another lesson.

One I'm sure I'll ignore again, the next time I haven't slept. I'm stubborn like that.
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