So I've been wanting to make something cute and cool for M, partially because her parents are so helpful taking care of the beastlies when I'm away...but mostly because she's a fab kidlet. Her favorite colors are red and black, and she's a budding gothlet.

And then I found a couple of skull charts. I thought I'd make some fingerless gloves. But then I thought that for a five year old in MN, mittens might be better. And then I found a pattern called playground mitts, which have a slit on the palm which turns them into flip tops so the kids can still use their fingers without taking off the mitts. And a plot was born.

I used two different skull charts, one for the back of the hand and one for the palm. I made one in black with red skulls and the other in red with black skulls. And I think they're just adorable.


They will be a Yule gift. :-)
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