I managed to work out a new crochet stitch this morning. The star stitch. It was giving me fits trying to follow written directions. Pictures didn't help. It turns out there are TWO slightly different ways to do the stitch and I was apparently trying to combine them.

That doesn't work so well. I found a video tutorial, figured out what I was doing "wrong" and fixed the problem.

I am the crochet mistress!

OK, maybe for a couple of minutes there. And it sounded better in my head.

Something else will shortly kick my a$$ and I will be a crochet moron again. But I have an idea in my head for this stitch. I will be trying it out tonight (and probably for the next couple of nights).

Pictures of the swatch to follow. :)
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( Jan. 30th, 2009 11:51 pm)
Finished the Noro Boteh scarf this evening. The edging row was done in herringbone half double crochet. It's a subtle variation on hdc, but I like how it looks. I'll take some photos and post them after I've woven the edges and blocked it.

I also decided that I hated the frilly edge I was getting on the Ireland Boteh and frogged that last row. I'm redoing the final row with the herringbone hdc using the 8mm hook. The simpler edge looks much better IMO...and works better with the alpaca/silk blend. Easier to manage. Photos will follow. Eventually. :)
I just finished row 60, which brings me to one end of the scarf. Now I turn it around and work from the middle out again -- rows 61-117 are a repeat of rows 4-60. At least I don't have to repeat row 2 again for a little while. ;-)

A little more than halfway through. I think I might make another one in alpaca for me after Yule.

Once you get the pattern together, it's actually pretty straightforward. There are a couple of repeat directions that could be clearer, because the sections don't actually have all the stitches, but I was able to figure it out based on where I was in the pattern. Go, me.
"Row 25: Repeat row 2
"Row 26- row 42: repeat row 2 - row 18"

So, I repeat row 2, twice. Except I actually repeat it THREE times, because row 3 is "repeat row 2."


I'm just starting row 27...which is row 3, which is actually row 2 again. But I am zipping along now that I have the pattern printed out and am marking off finished rows ON the pattern instead of relying on trying to read the monitor.

Here're a couple of in-progress photos from when I got home. They were taken at row 22 and you can actually see the leaf shape pattern starting to take shape:

and a close up:

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( Dec. 1st, 2008 09:23 am)
Doing better this morning. I may still be pathetic...but not because of the lace. :) I frogged a couple of rows and figured out where I was going wrong. The math came out right this time.

ETA: I just finished row 13. Wow! Only 104 more rows to go. :)
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( Dec. 1st, 2008 12:00 am)
I thought I might tackle a lace project. Apparently, though, that was a bit cocky of me. I'm now stuck on row 9, with the end three stitches of that row unaccounted for. And that's row 9 of 117 rows. And I can't tell if it's me or the pattern. I walked back through the previous row AND the current row and I've emailed the pattern's author hoping for clarification.

I'm pathetic.

Here's the inspiration picture:

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( Nov. 30th, 2008 05:54 pm)
Changing the yarn made all the difference. I've now finished the cowl. :) Once I got going, the pattern was fairly straightforward and would more or less let me know when I was screwing it up. I still did in a few patches, but was able to fudge it so that the overall pattern worked out fine. If K can find the fudged stitches, then really she has way too much time on her hands.

It's not yet blocked and I need to sew on the buttons, but here's a picture.

The yarn is a sock yarn from Chameleon Colorworks. It's a wool/bamboo blend and the colorway is called Briar Rose. It worked up quite nicely, I thought.

Also, here's a picture of the lacy scarf I was working on just before T-Day. It's worked in two strands of Berroco's Comfort -- a purple/lilac mix and a green. I like how it turned out.

I need a surface for blocking, and I'm not sure the best way to block the longer scarf. It's 55-60" long, and I just don't have a surface that big. Any suggestions?
When does a pattern stop being someone else's and become yours? How much modification?

I started a pattern from Afya Ibomu's book. But the hat was done entirely in single crochet which bored me, so I chose to do a stitch pattern. Initially, I used the increases and row counts she did, but then I suddenly realized that she uses elastic and I didn't want to and so I had to figure out where I was going to do decreases; and since my stitch pattern uses hdc, I also realized that if I went to the full 27 rounds, the hat would be WAY too big. :) So I've done the math to change the row count as well. Have I mentioned that I suck at math?

At this point, I'd agree that the hat was inspired by the book, but I'd pretty much say that I developed a pattern for it.

What do you think?

It's not like I have plans to go out and sell the pattern or anything. I'm just curious.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2008 06:14 pm)
I'm just going to say it straight up...Afya Ibomu totally rocks! I borrowed her book Get Your Crochet On! Hip Hats & Cool Caps via ILL and picked it up today. After the usual introductory stuff, she's got a section on adding a bib or bill to any cap and totally breaks it down for you. I took that and added a bib to the hat I was making. Damn! I'm really happy with how it finished up the look.

After I weave in the ends and make the companion hat, I'll post pictures. :)

Oh, and once again, libraries are the total bomb...and Inter Library Loan is sheer genius.

That is all.