Today I was surrounded by stupid work, it's Monday, and many people don't seem to be able to drag their sorry asses to work. Feh!

But then, two drivers took extra stupid pills this morning. One was just sitting in the break room until her check in time is 6:45, and her first pick up is SUPPOSED to be 7:10. Obviously he doesn't ride. So she's just lost herself 10 minutes a day...almost an hour per week of pay. And just because she sat on her ass at base. If she'd gone somewhere else, I would have never known. Stupid.

The other was also hanging around bullshitting. When I walked out at 7:10, I asked her what time her first pick up was (knowing full well, when and where), she said 7:15. I pointed out that she was going to be late, and we'd had calls in the recent past about that...the parent at that first stop ALWAYS calls. So the parent did call, the safety manager called, and now she's suspended for the afternoon and tomorrow morning. Stupid.

Then driving (in the general direction of) home on Hwy 100, a HUGE Suburban got on the highway (I was in the middle lane), and immediately attempted to merge...right into me! WTF? I managed to halt that little exercise.

But about 30 minutes later, I was on Lake Street (now much closer to home), and in the left lane...when someone in the middle lane decided they actually needed to turn left, right in front of me.


Am I wearing a sign or some sort of magnet for stupids today?

Well, soon it's bedtime. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be so irritating.


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