I was knitting away a couple of days ago when Odhinn decided it was "Mommy Time" as is his wont. He was being demanding but cute about it and since it was now impossible to knit anyway, I took pictures to document the cuteness.

and all I can say about this one is Ded from teh Cute...

Here's the lace experiment. Three minutes later it was no more. :)

And here's the first of the gloves/mitts I'm making for my mother. In these pictures I had just finished the last round before working the thumb area. These are 47" circulars...which may be a bit of overkill for a glove this size. I'm already thinking about mods for when I make MY pair of these gloves. :) I just love this cabled ribbing.

ETA: This pattern moves quickly. I've all but finished the first glove. I need 4" dpns to do the thumb, but otherwise it's all complete (I have 9" dpns, but they're just too unwieldy for the number of stitches involved). I've started the second one, and have completed the first cable crossing. As an added bonus, on one glove the cables twist right while on the other the cables twist left. Yes, I AM that much of a geek.


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