I was beginning to think that good customer service was a mostly dead art. I worked retail MANY years ago and we were trained that the customer is always right and our job was to make sure that they left the store happy and likely to return. Today I don't feel like that very often as a customer. So when it happens, I become much more likely to buy in the future from the seller.

Last evening I bought three bathing suits from Lands' End...they were $10 off, but even with that $10 discount, they weren't cheap. And the rep on the phone gave me a free shipping coupon, so I was rather pleased with the whole transaction. Until this morning, when I received an email stating that hundreds of suits were at 25% off today only. And lo and behold, my suits were included in the sale. So I called up the 800 number, they checked on them, and then put me through to customer service. If they didn't change the order, I was prepared to re-order the suits today and send back the others, but the customer service rep told me that they would honor the lower prices (usually day before and day after, she told me) and credit my card the difference. THAT'S what I'm talkin' about. :)

I don't normally shop Lands' End, because my "style" is rather different, but I will look at them more closely in the future because I LIKE being treated like my business is important to them.

BTW, the suits are cute, they are shape enhancing and they are BLACK. I get so tired of seeing only wild prints or ugly colors in suits for larger women. And Lands' End apparently has a lifetime guarantee on their suits. Huh.

Good Customer Service all around.

I am a happy [livejournal.com profile] willowoak.

Now I'm off to get ready to go to the Y.


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