Tools, tricks and tips are wonderful and useful things, but absolutely no substitute for your knowledge, experience AND attention. :)

Doing a new lace pattern. I set it up, using stitch markers to delineate the lace sections -- helps to combat my inability to keep count. I finish the first lace repeat and everything is going swimmingly. I start the second and about three sections into it, I look at the section and say to myself -- *Self, this isn't looking the way it should. That decrease should be two stitches to the right.* *But I'm following the pattern. And I'm within my stitch markers.* *Don't care. It doesn't LOOK right.*

Yup. Self was correct. It didn't look right, and that's because the second lace round is OFFSET from the first. The tools were getting in my way on this round of the lace. So I tinked back the three sections and started over, taking out the stitch markers....good tools, bad masters.


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