I'm currently working with a size 6 16" circular and the needle portion is only 3 inches long, which is WAY too short for my ginormous hands. I had to work onto this needle because it's what I had on hand since my size 6 Harmony woods had a rough spot on the grain that was catching the wool (Knitpicks is sending me replacement tips), but it's torture to work on the HiyaHiyas.

And then I had to decide to learn a new method of purling with these short-ass needles. What was I thinking? However, when I'm using better sized needles, I think I'm gonna love the Norwegian method of purling since the yarn is picked up from the back of the work. :) I already find it easier and faster than the Continental method. YAY!

I spent some time on knittinghelp.com this weekend watching videos and getting some good tips to help me be far more efficient in my knitting than I was. Great site with clear and helpful videos.


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