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( Oct. 3rd, 2009 12:00 am)
I guess that I've decided to be a balls to the wall type of knitter. After all, it's only string and if I fuck it up, I can always rip it out and try again.

I'm trying Kitchener -- or grafting -- for the first time. On a wrap for my mother's Yule gift. In pattern -- Garter stitch on both edges, purling and knitting within the wrap. At least I had a couple of rows of straight knit/purl pattern instead of the lace itself. I've finished the first segment of garter stitch and the first knit/purl section. It doesn't look awful and it's actually working -- I ended one side on a knit row and the other on a purl row, which helps keep the garter stitch grafting "even" looking. I'm grateful to Wooly Wormhead, who wrote a tutorial on the variations of stockinette, reverse stockinette and garter stitch grafting.

Pictures will follow after the process is complete.

But it's after midnight now, and when I try to knit much past that magic hour, things tend to go wahooni shaped pretty quickly. So I've put away the project for now.


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