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( Nov. 14th, 2009 05:47 pm)
I haven't posted in a little while...but I finished the fair isle hat shortly after I posted the progress pic. And in the meantime, I've started Lu's Yule gift, made another hat, frogged it and re-knit it, and made a pair of fingerless mitts as a birthday gift.

First...the fair isle hat

Lu's Yule gift will be a hat that I'm calling "dem bones." It's in sugar skull territory and in the same colors as those mitts I made. The hat band has a bone ribbing -- looks kinda like femurs. :) And then the body of the hat has stranded dancing skeletons. Perfect for the gothlet grrl. The hat band is on the wide side, but I think it works oh, so well.

I started work on dem bones again today and I'm up on the spine...about to hit the ribcage, so there will be more pics soon.

The other hat is a chunky cabled hat. I had to go up a needle size, which I realized AFTER I'd finished. It's blocking now.

And then these are a pair of Fetchings I made for a birthday gift -- two at a time, magic loop, with a rockin' thumb gusset. LOVE the yarn. Manos del Uruguay merino/silk blend in the Wildflower colorway.

I'm also finally blocking the wrap I made for my mom's Yule gift -- the one I learned to graft while doing. I should have some photos soon.

And I'm plotting another Fair Isle hat (insert maniacal laughter here)!


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