Some of you may know that I'm allergic to lilacs -- which, of course, I never knew until I moved to MN where they grow in FUCKING profusion. We don't have bushes, we have trees, groves even, of lilacs. So I generally end up being miserable for about two weeks every year, although some years are better or worse than others.

Everything was going swimmingly until last night into today. No real symptoms, even though I'd seen them blooming. Then BAM! Can't breathe; watery, itchy eyes; massive headache, sore throat and post nasal drip. Yay!


In other news, I got a pair of split fins last night -- I ordered them from They're a size large, and they're actually adjustable. They're not the ones I'd originally ordered, but they work pretty well. I used them today for kicking drills and for a little bit of swimming practice. I could really feel my legs working with them. That's a good Yay!

Note to self...must pick up some sinus stuff tomorrow morning. Or there may be mayhem.


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