Yup, I've jumped into the pool with stranded colorwork. Two-handed knitting. It feels most awkward, and it's weird to be holding the main color in my right hand when I'm normally a Continental style knitter.

I'm also using a method that allows you to weave the yarns in such a way that there are no floats! It makes a much more evenly tensioned fabric, at least in my opinion. However, it's also a bit slower. But since I think the end product is so worthwhile, that's a fairly small price to pay. And as I practice, I'm sure I'll get a bit faster. :)

I've even taken pictures...

This is the project with both balls of yarn. The class called for two skeins of Mochi Plus in two different colorways. Bright Rainbow (CC) and Neptune's Rainbow (MC). Naturally the Bright Rainbow started with blues/greens/purple, so it's harder to see the contrast in the bottom part. Oh well.

Here's a close up...

And here's how the inside of the hat looks using the weaving technique. I did do some floats before I got the rhythm. :-)

I also redid the chart to make it easier to read. I am such a geek.
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From: [personal profile] ritualchick

oooh! Shiny!

and yes, your a geek, its one of your charms ;)


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