When I'm sick, I usually want soup. Warm, lovely soup. Today I was at work, hot and cold at the same time with a throat the felt like someone had taken sandpaper to it, and thought I want chicken noodle soup.

I don't have any chicken noodle soup, and I almost went to buy some, but then I remembered my go-to soup. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to make from scratch, and you can add almost anything to it that you have on hand.

Tonight's version was:

chicken broth
roated garlic

sliced green onions
shredded rotisserie chicken
red pepper flakes
two beaten eggs

Heat up the broth, butter and garlic until you get a rolling boil. Turn down to simmer and add other ingredients (except eggs) and simmer until heated through. Beat eggs with a fork, and pour into soup while whisking.

Serve in a ginormous mug, crawl into bed and curl up with cats on various parts of the bed and sip your soup.


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