I did go out for a little while today and picked up some Thera-Flu. My temp was up this afternoon...to 98.8. Doesn't seem dramatic, but my normal body temp is somewhere around 97.2. So I'm probably staying home tomorrow.

I've gotten some knitting time in...and then there was colorwork:

This is the first of a pair of Sugar Skull fingerless gloves. Alpaca/Silk Blend + Alpaca. Yummy to knit, but not as much stretch as I'd hoped. I shouldn't be surprised, since neither alpaca or silk have the stretchiness of wool. :) The colorway for the contrast color is Chili Pepper -- and it's red, orange, fuschia, green, purple, yellow and blue. Totally cool, huh?

I misread the chart -- what is up with that lately? And because I only knit one round in between the skulls, my skulls are now reversible.

I think that's pretty cool.


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