With apologies to Rene Magritte. :) Love the surrealists.

Anyway, this is D's Yule gift in all it's glory...seven shades of beige with a chart of two moose fornicating, copulating, doin' what comes natural.

The initial idea was based upon the beige game...how many ways can we describe "beige" without actually SAYING "beige." Then somewhere in one of the Pantheacon sleep dep late nights when we were discussing sigils and I suggested a beige on beige sigil for those of us happily subverting...uh, serving, yeah, serving...our corporate masters.

And then I learned Fair Isle. And it all fell into place. Let's see the colors I used are: Vinci, sparrow, doeskin heather, aspen heather, river rock, oyster and smoke.

And you have a hat made of awesome. :)


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