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( Jan. 26th, 2009 09:43 am)
I'm on the fence about Noro. I love many of the colorways and the color transitions, but the yarn itself has a tendency to irritate me. I didn't like the worsted Kureyon. Now I'm using the Silk Garden sock yarn. Love the orange/pink/green coloration (looks kind of like flames on the skein), not so fond of the thick/thin while trying to maintain tension for my crochet...and its tendency to wrap up on itself.

Also, the yarn is coated and feels stiff and scratchy while crocheting. I know that when I block it this will go away and it will soften up and feel lovely, but for this texture junkie, I'm not feeling it so much WHILE I'm working with it.

Plus, I found a broken section in this skein where they'd just knotted without following the color change and it's thrown everything off and I've got some pooling going on. It's a scarf, so it's not such a big deal, but it doesn't make me happy to spend top dollar for this yarn and find that they just whacked in the knot whereever, when this yarn is KNOWN for the color changes. GRRR!
OK, so I've not quite finished the first Boteh scarf. I'm working on the last row of the edging...which is driving me just a little crazy. One of those ideas that sounds kinda fun and cool and takes forever to execute. But here's a photo of the almost done scarf...

I worked the second row of edging with a 6mm hook and I'm working the last row with an 8mm hook. What's taking so long is the sc + two chain in each stitch. *facepalm* Soft, baby soft yarn doesn't have much body to it = PITA to crochet. I'm just saying.

The second scarf is the Noro Boteh. I found a second knot...it fell just at the base of a double-treble crochet. Don't ask. I don't know if I can work the ends in and hide it. Otherwise I'll just trim them down and live with it. I'm just about halfway through this one and I'm liking how the colors are coming together (I don't normally like orange, but this is working for me). The yarn itself is still somewhat irritating. I have PLENTY of yarn for this project, and I think I'll do the edging in herringbone half double crochet. hmmmm...

Usna and Freyja are wondering if I'll let them eat the yarn. Hasn't happened yet. But it could. Right?

Yeah, right.



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