Took the car in for service and hung out and finished the tam. There were a couple of points during the decrease rounds where I thought I might just call it done and leave the DPNs in for the stabbity effect, but I persevered and finished it off.


This yarn doesn't photograph so looks much more orange-y in the photo than it is IRL. Variegated reds with copper and purple accents. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Since I am an addict, I immediately cast on for another hat -- same pattern. This one is being done in Noro Chirimen in the pink/brown colorway. I have this love/hate thing with Noro. When I'm working with it, it annoys me for several good reasons. But then I forget and when yarn petting, I get seduced by the colors and the textures and buy more of it. Kinda like that guy who's so bad for you, but you keep forgetting and thinking it might be different this time... Anyway, this colorway makes me thing of apple trees or cherry trees in the spring.

Note the Hello Bad Kitty stitch marker. :) This one is going faster and more smoothly than the first. I'm already at round 13 of the lace (out of 30). Not having to frog the whole thing and do over does make a difference.

If you're on my F-list, knit, and have not chanced to run across, I highly recommend them. They've got great demonstration videos -- both continental and english style -- and some lesser known techniques (such as norwegian purling). Very useful and I've learned much from them.


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